(Against) The Syllabus as Instrument of Abuse



College courses, higher education curriculum


Argues against cruel practices reflected in syllabi

Author Biography

Matthew Cheney, Plymouth State University

Matthew Cheney is Assistant Professor and Director of Interdisciplinary Studies at Plymouth State University


@AmandaISeligman. “I Stopped Making My Syllabi about Policing Behavior after Reading an Article about

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@Jessifer. “I Wish It Went without Saying That Syllabi Should Not Be Instruments of Abuse. Good on

@HowardU for Investigating and Distancing Themselves from This. The Saddest Bit Is That It’s the First Time I’ve Heard of an Institution Publicly Calling out (or in) This Kind of Behavior.” Twitter, 11 Feb. 2019. twitter.com, https://twitter.com/jessifer/status/1094979341547700225.