Teaching Women and Literature and Feminist Theory


  • Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick Indiana University-Purdue University at Columbus


college course, higher education curriculum, women writers, feminist theory


An article that presents the ideological underpinnings and the pedagogical strategies of an interdisciplinary course on women and literature and feminist theory accompanies the syllabus for that course. The syllabus is designed to engage students and to cultivate their critical reading, thinking, and writing abilities. Ultimately, the design of this course is to empower students to identify, approach, access, interpret, analyze, synthesize, and understand texts from their own perspective, but a perspective informed by diverse voices and issues that matter to them and to their world. The author draws upon pedagogical theorists in framing her argument about her approach to a women and literature and feminist theory course that is housed in English and Women's Studies.


Author Biography

Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick, Indiana University-Purdue University at Columbus

I am an Associate Professor of English and the Director of the Office of Student Research at Indiana University-Purdue University at Columbus. My research and teaching areas include twentieth-century American women writers, identity politics, and trauma studies. My book Modernist Women Writers and War: Trauma and the Female Body in Djuna Barnes, H.D., and Gertrude Stein was published by Louisiana State University Press in 2011.