The Photo Lottery


  • Carsyn Endres The University of Cincinnati


College course, Public Speaking, Impromptu, Audience Adaptation


Nothing can test a student’s speaking ability more than having them incorporate an image of a chicken while they try to sell their audience calculator. Often individuals are hard-pressed to prepare quality presentations in limited time frames. Thus, it is essential that students learn how to prepare organized and engaging speeches while incorporating visuals in order to be more competitive as they enter the workplace.

 “The Photo Lottery” classroom activity uses random student selected visual aids to help them learn and incorporate images in impromptu speaking. Not only does the activity sharpen students’ speaking abilities, it also improves their critical thinking and audience adaptation skills. This flexible activity is student-driven and allows participants to shape the learning outcomes. “The Photo Lottery” pushes students to make quick decisions in order to persuade their audience. It is a fun activity to get students more comfortable speaking in the classroom!

Author Biography

Carsyn Endres, The University of Cincinnati

Communication Studies, Graduate Student, The University of Cincinnati