Migration and Mobility in the Viking Age: Global Perspectives



College course, writing pedagogy, Viking Age, migration, archaeology, history, mobility, legitimate peripheral participation, digital humanities pedagogy


"Migration and Mobility in the Viking Age: Global Perspectives" is an intensive six-week summer course that fulfills the second part of UC Berkeley's "Reading and Composition" requirement for lower-level undergraduates. Rooted in pedagogical practices of creating authentic learning experiences for students, the course is designed to appeal to undergraduate students across a wide variety of disciplines in order to teach them college-level academic writing. The course design uses digital technologies in the classroom and historical perspectives of the Viking Age to encourage students to think critically about human migrations, both historical and modern, and to apply issues related to cross-cultural interactions, such as race, gender, religion, and agency, to their world today. This syllabus has been slightly revised from the most recently taught version of this course, in Summer 2017. 

Author Biography

Sara Ann Knutson, University of California, Berkeley

Graduate student, Department of Scandinavian Studies


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