Middle Level Education and the Young Adolescent

Ellis Hurd, Steven B. Mertens


The online course Middle Level Education and the Young Adolescent is part of a university-wide course redesign project.  While the course content focuses on the unique aspects of teaching and learning in middle level schools (unique developmental needs of young adolescents, interdisciplinary teaming, advisory, etc.), there is an emphasis on educating young adolescents in urban school settings.  This course mirrors the traditional course, which is part of the middle level teacher education degree program.  The online version was developed specifically to meet the needs of elementary and secondary education students (middle level majors are required to take C&I 233, the traditional version).  C&I 233.01 is a required course for Elementary Teacher Education majors; and it is one of two additional courses required for Secondary Teacher Education majors desiring a middle level endorsement (qualifying them to teach grades 6-12 instead of just 9-12).


Middle Level Education

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